Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Victorian Country Market?

The Victorian Country Market is an e-commerce site to provide an avenue for regional businesses to market and sell the best they have to offer. The Market is an initiative of the state government to provide a platform for Victorian regional producers to market and sell their products in an online environment alongside other producers. It is not designed to replace a producer’s current e-commerce facilities, but to enhance them as a regular market would.

I already have an online store, how does this differ?

The Victorian Country Market is designed to be a destination for shoppers to go and peruse a range of the best products available. Like a market, trade show or field day, it’s designed to showcase your best, a special deal or exclusive offer only available at the ‘Market’.

The other advantage is that the customer can shop across multiple stores in one transaction, making it easier for them to buy from you.

How much do I have to pay?

Thanks to Regional Development Victoria and The Victorian Government, the first 12 months of fees are taken care of so there are no charges for you.

How do I know when I have an order?

At the end of each day, if a customer has purchased from you, you will receive a report listing any orders placed that day.

Are there any other fees?

Each customer will have a 2.5% transaction fee added to their order to cover merchant fees, etc, but this will be added to them at checkout and borne by the customer.

Can I get assistance with marketing?

Before launch we will be providing you with a social marketing kit and some assets to help with store promotion.

Do you offer refrigerated delivery?

Yes. If your product requires refrigeration so it isn’t spoiled during delivery, that can be arranged.

How many products can I sell?

The Victorian Country Market requires a minimum of one product. We would suggest though around four to six would be a good amount to have in your online store.

How much does it cost?

The Victorian government is covering all fees for the first year, with the initiative to be reviewed at the end of the initial 12 months.

How are the products shipped?

Your products will be collected from you using drivers provided by the Victorian Government for the first three months. After this time, stall holders will be required to have their own suitable shipping methods in place to get their product to the consumer.

The Victorian Government is undertaking a program to employ out of work creative and other industry workers using organisations like Gigpower and Crewcare, so in the initial three months will be taken care of by those crews. After three months stall holders will be responsible to ship their own goods at the cost of the purchaser.

Who covers the liability insurance?

Each stall holder is responsible for their own applicable insurances.

What happens if they do not deliver my product?

The consumer will be refunded by the Handshake Agency, who are the holder of funds received from the consumer. If the stall holder has provided the product to the delivery representative, then the stall holder will be paid in full. If the stallholder has not provided the product, then they will not be paid for the order.

How do I know it will be handled correctly?

The government has put in place delivery protocols to handle correct shipping of goods on traders behalf for the first three months. At the end of this period the responsibility of shipping will revert to the stall holder.

How do I get paid?

All orders will be emailed to the stall holder as they are placed. A summary of orders will be provided 24 hours prior to the pickup of goods that will outline the total orders and monies owed to you. On the day that orders are picked up, all monies will be transferred to the stall holders nominated account.

Are there contracts?

As this initiative has been created quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for the first three months, whilst the Victorian Government is managing logistics there are no contracts.

Stall holders will receive contracts to continue their involvement after the initial 12 weeks by 15 July 2020.

What happens if we cannot deliver?

We will advise the consumer of the issue and refund monies in full.

Will I get my retail price?

The stall holder sets their own price and receives the full amount on settlement. The consumer will pay a 2.5% administration/finance charge on the whole value of their cart on checkout.

Can I display my accreditation?

The registration form will include a field asking if you are registered with the VFMA and, if so, your Accredited VFMA Member Number.

Stalls will be stamped with registration or similar.

How will this site impact on other farmers’ market sites?

This site will continue to build in great promotion of existing online platforms and existing farmers’ markets. We can advertise physical market dates and market events and all sites will be encouraged to display their connections with existing market sites.

What happens with my data privacy?

If a stall were to request removal:

What happens with my data after the project ends?

If the site folded:

What helpdesk support is available?

All support is available by the contact page here.

How long will it take to have my profile go live on the site?

Registrations submitted by 10am Thursday 14 May will be made live for Sunday 17 May launch. Registrations submitted after that time will be live within five (5) working days.

I want to register my farmers’ market – how do I do that?

At this stage you cannot register your Farmers’ Market, however we are planning to add this initiative as soon as possible.

I’m a VFMA-accredited producer but I’m from metropolitan Victoria – can I register to sell my produce too?


When is pickup - when do the goods need to be ready for delivery?

Pickup varies depending on location within Vic. You will receive your pickup date and time period once they are set for your region.

How do we get paid?

Once your business has been confirmed for the Victorian Country Market, you will receive an email from our accounts team with a form to provide banking details. These will be used to utilise a regular pay cycle for your business.

How do we add/change items or prices on the site? Can we note when an item is sold out or running low?

We are working to have the site user-oriented in the very near future. For the time being, please email our help team with all the information you need amended and they will take care of it for you.

How do we get notified of purchase? How do we keep track of sales?

All orders will be emailed to the stall holder as they are placed. A summary of orders will be provided 24 hours prior to the pickup of goods that will outline the total orders and monies owed to you. On the day that orders are picked up, all monies will be transferred to the stall holders nominated account.

Is the cost of packaging covered?

All orders will need to be packaged by the vendor and labelled with the order number and recipient information provided.

None of these answer my questions - how can I get help?

Contact us here: